SecondHandSongs started off in 2003 as a hobby project run by 3 friends; even now, with more than 20 volunteer editors working on the database and a thriving community, it is by no means a commercial project. It is financed with the help of the Google AdSense program. However, this can hardly compensate for the high hosting costs faced each month, caused by the high traffic SecondHandSongs generates and the advanced hosting services our database requires.

Therefore, if you think this project represents a real added value for you and the world in general, we would sincerely appreciate any donation. Just follow the PayPal link.

We thank you in advance for your help to keep this boat afloat!

Our contributors uptil now:

  • Terri MacDonald (2022)
  • ethanfein (2021)
  • Barbara C (2021)
  • David B. Murphy (2021)
  • Steve Gasbarre (2021)
  • MarinoCortolezzis (2020)
  • Hock Lee (2020)
  • Elizabeth Segal (2020)
  • Jeff Chamberlain (2020, 2019)
  • Richard Butler (2019)
  • Randall Dafoe (2018)
  • Amber Dougherty
  • Gideon Raveh
  • Randall Dafoe
  • Jerry Deewood (3)
  • Osvaldo Dias dos Santos
  • Alec McCrackin
  • Teri Centner
  • Thierry Saliot